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SEKHMET Live Line-up:

SET - 666 Strings & Bestial Roar

WARLORD - 666 Killer of Strings

Danny - Percusion of Hatred

Agares - Crushing Roar




A small group of people got together in September 2002 and created a formation with the dark name Sekhmet. Revengeful and bloodthirsty goddess was personified by the group of four members called Frk, Warlord, Ragnar and Set. We, however, had to say goodbye to Frk after some personal disagreements, disputes and due to his different opinions of the world.

This freak then took the vocalist Abaddon under her dark wings. His voice exceeded all of our expectations. Set was also pleased by Abbadon's affection for Satanic beliefs and he ultimately found the last adherent to complete the hateful group. We then demonstrated our Black Metal storm on the stage as early as we could. We have also tried to find another guitarist at that time, but without any success. Miras and Violator came to us in order to become one of us, but none of them was the true blasphemer, who could spread the darkness under the name of Sekhmet.

We have spent the time in the rehearsal room as good as we could and then we went to the studio to record our first demo with the proud name "The Revenge of Infernal Legions". The whole release was limited to 100 copies. We have slowly, but steadily, started to be part of the Czech BM underground. A half year after the recording of our demo, the band came back to the studio. The first full-length album with the name "Mass Catharsis of a Man" was created with the same dark atmosphere filled with hatred and pure evil. This album brought us a lot of contacts and thanks to this, we were able to get behind the borders of Czech Republic.

Our gigs were purely evil. The fire shows on the stage have charmed a lot of people, but also the crucifixes and statuettes of Jesus contributed to the personification of evil. In free time during her battles against all good, Sekhmet hid in the rehearsal room and produced new arms quickly like on a conveyor belt. In the spring of 2007 was everything ready and the offensive on the Silence S.E. studio has started. The result of this act was the album called "Okularis Infernum" and it's release was predicted at the turn of the year 2007. The sound of the record was really cruel and freezing. Nothing could stop this running war machinery any more. Our aim to produce cruel, hateful, freezing and killing Black Metal was always the same and our lives and mentality were being shaped in the darkness of Sekhmet. We were also setting up attacks of graveyards and other places that were malformed by the church. The hate was always rising and the orthodoxy was getting stronger. The year 2008 was in the spirit of a cruel fight. The flames of Hell were spreading to the west and to the east of Europe. Together with Sator Marte, Sekhmet got into Serbia, where she shattered the false myths about Serbian nation not supporting Czech bands, which we have heard in our homeland. After that, thousands of split albums "Bohemia-Moravia-Northemia" and "The Golden Tribute to Master's Hammer" flew in all directions over the world.

The situation after that could be described as the development of new weapons, creating new friendships and unimaginable power. The nonaggression treaty was signed on the Italian front by both sides by the creation of the split album "United in Hell", which included bands The True Endless, Sekhmet, Tundra and Inferno. The war then came to the Baltic Sea and the Latvian ground shook after the invasion of the hellish monster. After this, Sekhmet was looking for a new ally to help her to take control of the empire. Perhaps the destiny itself brought Nekromancer to the legions of Sekhmet at that precise time.

The year of 2010 was a hard blow for the Sekhmet warriors, Abaddon withdrew into seclusion, as he decided to create evil. Two succubi were cast up form the womb of his chosen one and they both swore the allegiance in the fight. As the last deed of Abaddon's devoutness to Sekhmet, "Opus Zrůdy" saw the light of the earth, which symbolizes the evil that each enemy hears close to his death.

The goddess took a considerable loss because of the departure of Abaddon, however her strength remained the same and then even rose more than ever before. Few days after he left, Sekhmet conquers Spain and Portugal without any scratches. The dark formation Koltum was appointed as the protector of the conquered land.

With the lust for power, the hellish goddess looked for new slave and found one in Haaten. Perhaps the crazed reflection in his eyes was what enchanted her. The assaults of Sekhmet became more destructive with the new reinforcement and nobody and nothing was kept alive.

In fear of the disintegration of her empire, the goddess confirms its friendship with Germans and Silesians. May the empire survive for many centuries! Everything was submitted to the goddess, Haaten was however unable to keep up with her and he voluntarily gave up his rights for the conquered areas. He freed the space for Lord Aegir that way, who desired to be beside the devils from hell for a long time already!

And it was him, who brought the new, much needed energy between our ranks. The pentad of dark brothers decided to present part of their dark knowledge of impure teachings and they let Sekhmet herself to speak through "Words of Master - Proverbs of Hell".

Her words were heavily resonating in the wide surroundings for the next five months and no one form the conquered nations was able to withstand these dark powers. Those who tried to refuse the doctrine were mercilessly thrown into the abyss of the oblivion.

After several years of battles in different areas, Nekromancer handed his scepter over to Warlord, he was too exhausted to rule well. He received much deserved credits for his heroic actions in combat, but the whole machinery of war needed to continue. In a blink of an eye, Mephisto came to support the devastating attacks of the goddess from hell.

Set, Warlord, Ragnar, Mephisto and Lord Aegir continued to lay waste and bring a total destruction to the whole Europe through the year 2014 with a great success. Even though their efforts were paying off greatly and even though they were bringing many great spoils from their raids, Lord Aegir's strength began to diminish. He had other duties to fulfill apart from the Black Metal war and he decided to leave from the service of Sekhmet in the end. His great acts in battles will never be forgotten and his mighty roars will always echo through the battlefields.

Nav from Sator Marte came to aid his brothers in arms and continued to spread the eternal hatred with his thunderous voice. After few months, Europe was suddenly too small for Sekhmet and her bloodthirst led the five warriors across the ocean to the lands of North America. As was her custom, Sekhmet didn't leave anything to chance and unleashed her fury on this continent. Rivers of blood flew through the land and the name of the goddess could be heard everywhere. Once again, Sekhmet conquered another territory and gained new allies in her eternal war against all that is holy.

Sadly, Nav has chosen to stay to oversee the newly gained territory and not to return to his homeland for some time. Sekhmet could not spend too much time though, as she always has to move forward and to spread the darkness to new lands. Mephisto, who was fully aware of her needs, brought a new servant to the goddess. It was Agares, who, the same way as his predecessors, was endowed with an evil booming voice, so much needed to expand Sekhmet's empire.

Sekhmet warriors persisted in their unceasing efforts and waged war across Europe again. In order to preserve their darkest secrets of war, which were revealed to them by Sekhmet herself, for the next generations, a new full length album "Spiritual Eclipse" was created from the pure hatred towards everything holy. It took some time to perfect this record, however it was finally released in October 2016. The voice of Sekhmet echoes through the whole world once again and there are no barriers that could stop it and no opponents that could face it.

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